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From 8 a.m. to midnight, Tuesday, 03 May will be the Day of Giving, organized in the Pittsburgh Region by the Pittsburgh Foundation.  Keystone Paralyzed Veterans, as always, is listed on the www.PittsburghGives.org website, with many of the region’s other most effective charitable organizations.

Your support of the Keystone Paralyzed Veterans is welcome and appreciated anytime.

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Was hospital liaison program leader

Gary M. Orlando Sr., chapter stalwart, dies at 63

Gary Orlando Sr. (shown with medals won at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa, Florida, in 2013), passed away on 25 October 2015 at the Erie VA Medical Center in Erie, Pa.

Gary wore many hats for the Keystone chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans: director on the Board, VA Voluntary Service representative, and site leader for the chapter’s members in the Erie region.  But he made his biggest impact as the coordinator of the chapter’s Hospital Liaison Officer program, which monitors the health care paralyzed veterans receive, especially at VA medical centers, and provides that data for the Paralyzed Veterans of America’s nationwide work in improving veterans’ health care.

Gary Orlando with medals at the 2013 National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa, Florida.
Gary Orlando with medals at the 2013 National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa, Florida.



“Gary was a very good friend who weathered his physical challenges with determination and his unique personality,” said the chapter’s executive director, Joe Dornbrock.  “We have a better veterans’ organization thanks to his long, diligent service.”

More about Gary’s life and accomplishments, including his U. S. Army service, are in the November-December issue of the chapter newsletter, The Parascope, which will be posted on this web site soon.  In the meantime, you can have it sent to you by mail by calling the chapter office, 800-775-9323 or 412-781-2474.

Erie VA Medical Center
Erie VA Medical Center



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