Jerry 'Bull' Baylor

Jerry "Bull" Baylor
Member, Board of Directors; Sports Director

I joined the U.S. Marines in 1966 and went through boot camp at Parris Island for eight weeks training, which was usually 12 weeks, but Marines were needed for Vietnam. Next I went to Camp Lejeune for infantry training where I was trained in every individual combat weapon. When that was completed I went Lejeune Court House Bay for Combat Engineer School. Training there was fast and furious because combat engineers were needed quickly. A 20-week school was crammed into 20 days. The Marine Corps also put me through the combat and staging battalion at Camp Pendleton, California. So I entered Boot Camp in May and was in Vietnam before Thanksgiving. I served 13 months all over Vietnam; on my return I was stationed at Norfolk, Virginia to finish my four-year hitch as an E-5 Sergeant.

I worked at Allegheny Ludlum Steel until I became disabled in a motorcycle accident in 1980. I sustained a C6-7 injury, leaving me a quadriplegic.

My rehabilitation was at Harmarville, where I was introduced into wheelchair sports by the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers. I have participated in sports over 32 years in marathons, road racing, track, field, and quad rugby. My greatest satisfaction comes from getting others involved.

Through sports I was introduced to Paralyzed Veterans of America. I became a member in the 1980s and have held many offices including secretary, board member, sports director, legislative advocacy director, vice president, and president. I continue as a board member and am the current Sports Director. I volunteer approximately 1000 hours annually at the Heinz campus of the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System and with the Keystone Chapter.

The Keystone Chapter of the PVA receives the overwhelming majority of its support from contributions made by the general public. It is with these contributions we are able to continue our support for spinal cord injury research, advocacy for adequate health care and accessibility, and programs for the physically challenged.

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