Policy on photography at Keystone PVA meetings and events

All persons attending any meeting or event sponsored and/or organized by the Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America may be photographed for descriptive, informational, or promotional purposes. Photographs used may appear in The Parascope, the Keystone PVA web site, or on the Keystone PVA’s exhibition displays (posterboards used to promote the chapter at events), among other places. Keystone PVA assumes that an attendee has given consent, by virtue of his or her attendance, for the chapter to use his or her image for the purposes listed above. Keystone PVA may share these photos with the national Paralyzed Veterans of America for similar purposes. Any person may deny use of his or her image at the time of the event by informing both the photographer and an official of the Keystone PVA. Any person may deny post-event use of his or her image by submitting denial in writing to President, Keystone PVA, 1113 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215-2407, or by fax, 412-781-2659.

Policy regarding Keystone PVA reporting on public elected officials

Keystone PVA has been granted non-profit status by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is categorized under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. As a condition of this status and category, Keystone PVA does not take any action or position on the election of any person to any public office at any level of government. No member, volunteer or staff person may use the resources of Keystone PVA to promote such election. Any mention or photo of a public elected official in any communication of Keystone PVA is for informational purposes and in the context of that public elected official’s incumbency only. It is the intention of Keystone PVA to avoid the mention or use of images of any public elected official within 60 days of any public election in which he or she is a candidate. The appearance or mention of a public elected official who is also a candidate for public office in any communication of the Keystone PVA does not constitute endorsement by Keystone PVA. The appearance or mention of any member, volunteer or staff person of the Keystone PVA in any communication of a candidate for public office does not constitute endorsement of the candidate by the Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America. Members, volunteers and staff persons of Keystone PVA have been counseled to avoid situations in which their presence or commentary may be misconstrued as endorsement or support by Keystone PVA.

Links To Other Helpful Organizations

Keystone works with other organizations to benefit more people with its work
Keystone works with other organizations

Paralyzed Veterans of America
Keystone PVA is one of 34 chapters of the national PVA, which is based in Washington, D.C.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
MS is the major spinal cord disease affecting military veterans. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and its local chapters are our partners in addressing MS.

Lupus Foundation
Lupus is among the diseases recognized by the PVA as affecting the spinal cord.

Fair Housing Partnership of Pittsburgh
The Fair Housing Partnership is the only organization in Pittsburgh that works as both an equal opportunity housing counseling agency and a fair housing advocate and enforcer of federal, state, and local housing laws. We are a community resource here to fight all forms of housing discrimination to insure that our city is a welcoming and equitable home for all.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Three Rivers Center for Independent Living
TRCIL’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to enjoy self-directed, personally meaningful lives by providing outstanding consumer-controlled services and by advocating for effective community change.

Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living
TRIPIL’s mission is to affirm liberty and justice for all people with disabilities. As a Center for Independent Living (CIL) we provide five core services: advocacy, information and referral, nursing home tradition, peer support, and skills training. Our service area is primarily Washington, Fayette, and Greene Counties in Pennsylvania.

Wheelchair Basketball at based at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Four athletes with Edinboro connections competed at the 2012 Paralympics in London. The U.S. wheelchair basketball team, coached by Jim Glatch of Edinboro U., brought back a bronze medal from London. Click on the link at the top of this paragraph to read more.

Mobility Works Expo
Mobility Works puts on a great open house each October at its Pittsburgh facility. The address is 1090 Mosside Boulevard, Wall PA 15148.  Keystone PVA is proud to have been a participant in the show every year. 2016 Expo: Exact date to be announced.

Welcome to the Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America

PrintThe Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America is one of 34 chartered chapters of the Paralyzed Veterans of America in the United States. The chapter was founded in 1960.

People are usually surprised to know that the U. S. government and the Department of Veterans Affairs do not provide for all the needs of veterans, even those who have been disabled or paralyzed. In fact, many of those services that are provided did not exist until veterans service organizations, the PVA among them, worked with Congress and the VA to put those services into place. And we work every day to try to make those services better and meet the changing needs.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America, founded in 1946, is a Congressionally chartered veterans’ service organization that has developed a unique expertise on many issues relating to the special needs of its members–veterans of the armed services who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.  (“Congressionally-chartered” means that the Congress set our operating parameters.  PVA and its chapters do got get government money–your taxes!–unless we perform a service under contract.  The Keystone chapter has no such service contracts, and we depend exclusively on non-tax donations.)

What does the PVA do?

The PVA uses this expertise to be the leading advocate for:

  • Quality health care for its members,
  • Research and education addressing spinal cord injury and dysfunction,
  • Benefits available as a result of its members’ military service,
  • Civil rights and opportunities which maximize the independence of its members

The mission of the Keystone PVA is to improve the quality of life of paralyzed veterans by

  • Encouraging and supporting spinal cord injury and disease research;
  • Improving access to health care and other veterans’ benefits;
  • Assisting in the expansion of opportunities in wheelchair sports and recreation; and
  • Advocating for the rights of disabled people, including the reduction and elimination of barriers to accessibility and mobility.A remarkable feature of Keystone PVA is that its members serve other members. The Board of Directors is completely made up of paralyzed veterans. They and other PVA members contact public officials to inform them of the needs of paralyzed vets. They visit other veterans in the VA medical centers and in other medical facilities to try to get them the best care available. They encourage their fellow vets to get active and involved in life activities that may not have been possible a generation ago.You can help them by volunteering your time!
    Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Agnes Strang, by calling the Keystone PVA offices, 800-775-9323 or 412-781-2474.You can help with your financial support!
    Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America is a non-profit organization that relies completely on contributions made from the general public. If you are interested in donating, please contact the office at 412-781-2474 or 800-775-9323. You may also send a fax to 412-781-2659 or e-mail the office. Your donations are greatly appreciated by all members. Click here for more information.You can help by donating household goods!
    Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America has a partner, American Thrift Center, which will accept your slightly-used household goods. Your donations help fund Keystone PVA programs. Click here for more information.